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Which scale is the most popular?

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  • Which scale is the most popular?

    I've always wondered this actually, because the majority of models that I've ever seen displayed in stores when I lived in Hong Kong were of the 1:500 scale variety and this is why I started my collection with that scale. But I feel as if the 1:400 scale is much more popular with collectors, or at least much more talked about.

    But in reality, what scale is truly the most popular scale for collectors to collect?

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    I am guessing 1/400 followed by 1/200 then 1/500.

    I like 1/400 the most. not too big not too small and fairly affordable.


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      Yeah I'd say that 1:400 is the most popular as it has the correct price and size point for most. There can't be many collectors with more than a handful of 1:200s. They must surely appeal more to industry veterans as one-offs or those with small selective collections. 1:500 only has a handful of manufacturers (Herpa and Aeroclassics - are there more?) whereas 1:400 has by my count 7 or 8 manufacturers and a few sub-brands too.

      Still I'm surprised by the number of 1:200s announced. I assume they are made in small numbers?


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        It's incredible to me that 1/400 is the most popular, but you guys are right. They do have alot of manufacturers that produce them, and about a fifth of my collection nowadays is in 1/400 but only because a bunch of those models aren't even produced in the 1/500 scale! (Looking at you Allegiant and Southwest!) I also have a handful of 1/200 and only because those aircraft mean something to me one way or the other, so a very niche market indeed.

        But the bread and butter of my collection is definitely the 1/500 scale since I can fit more of them into my curios than I could any of the other scales!


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