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Holland Megastore?

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  • Holland Megastore?

    Has anyone ever purchased models from a webshop that goes by the name HOLLANDMEGASTORE (not to be confused with Aviation Megastore), located in the Netherlands?
    <meta name="Hollandmegastore" content="aircraft aviation models and postcards are the main items aircraftmegastore is selling and we are also selling espresso machines, televisions and cd dvd vinyl lp.">

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    I ordered a model that I never received. They answer initially then nothing....kept the money and no model shipped. They stoked me Bout 200 euro


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      I really do not advise to buy anything by them. No phone number to call.....lost money itís a fraud


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        I ordered a model from them on Sunday. After seeing what you wrote, i sent them a message threating them if they don't send me a tracking code i will go to the police and sue them. Hopefully i will try to get my money back. Did they said anything to you?


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          Hello. They are scammers. Don't buy anything from them. A few weeks ago I ordered a model from them, paid 180 euros, but never received anything. The police can't do anything. I am sure that I will not be able to get my money back. If I had known that in advance, I would most likely have spent this money on something more real. I could buy bitcoin with credit card. But now there is neither one nor another.
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            Local police should inform Dutch police. Foreign police can indeed not do more than that.

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          The home page of their website looks suspicious. this thread is very helpful. thanks


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            Hi everyone,

            If this company has not delivered after payment and does not respond to questions, please consider to report at your local police station.

            Some English sentences hidden in Dutch text at the site of the Dutch police:


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