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What do you do with the boxes?

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  • What do you do with the boxes?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm about to consolidate my collections when I move and I was wondering what you guys do with the boxes if you have collections out on display?

    I have about 750 models in all different types of scales and storage of the empty boxes while the models are on display may become an issue of space. So just wondering what you guys do with yours (if you dont have a garage to store them in)?

    Thanks and regards.

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    I rarely take the models out of the box. I have about 2 different bookshelves and a display case I display the models in the boxes. (The display case is actually an old entertainment system enclosure with a glass door that I just stack all the models inside). I've never had an issue with this, but having 750 models I can definitely see why space is a premium for you.

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      the worst thing you can do beside damage the models is discard the boxes. the boxes protect your models. not to mention if you ever sell the models, the price drops a lot without the boxes.


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        Storing the boxes is a problem if you don't have an attic or a spare room or a garage.
        As stated above, the worst thing you can do is throw the boxes away.
        One day you might need to move again, then the boxes will be required to protect the models.
        And it will devalue the models if you want to sell it, but don't have the original boxes.

        Maybe renting a storage unit might be an option for you, or part of someone's garage / spare room?


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          that's one reason why i like hogan wings also due to the smaller boxes... be prepared to dedicate a whole medium size walk in closet to your boxes.

          Anyway, most of my models are stored away in boxes for most of their time. I have 5 spare models on the desk for play. and they are duplicates of the ones stored


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            Thank you all for the replies thus far. I'm definitely not throwing any of the boxes away because who knows if and when I ever move again. I was mostly asking where to keep the boxes while I have the models out on display in their display cases. Depending on what type of room I will be able to have in my office at my next place, I was thinking maybe building a wall and stacking them all up would be a quirky way to display the boxes and simultaneously store them.


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              I keep all the boxes. In the attic.
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                I keep all the boxes inside larger boxes in a big cabinet in my garage. About 1100 boxes!


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                  To be honest I keep all the boxes. I have a special storage place in my garage in this French Riviera property.It doesn't bother me much plus I will always have original boxes in case I will need to move from this house to another.


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